Whistler’s, the natural choice.

Fly’s Story

Ballymore Farm is a small Farm on the Northwest Coast of Co. Donegal, Ireland. I was raised there with my eight siblings, five brothers and three sisters. My Late Father Thomas instilled a great respect for animals in all of us. Dogs especially were always a large part of our lives growing up, as they made our lives much easier working with sheep.

I remember my father mixing different meals for our dogs every evening, usually left over potato and meat scraps. How things have changed over the years! One dog in particular will always stand out in my families’ memory, Fly. She was a special dog for many reasons, the main one was her exceptional ability of working sheep which was invaluable to my Father.

She wasn’t born from any great line of working dogs and was actually given to my Father by a neighbour. Her bright intelligence made her a great companion and Fly would usually be found lying in front of the Fire most evenings.

When my Father was given the terrible news that he had pancreatic cancer, Fly stayed at his side constantly keeping him company as only a dog can. When he passed away she lost heart for working. After a year and half she started to join my brother again herding sheep before her death in 2011. Fly along with my Father was a big influence on my part in developing an affordable, high quality dog food, suitable for the dogs that mean so much in our lives.

Andrew Montgomery | Managing Director.


Ballymore Farm Pet Foods.

Here at Ballymore Farm Pet foods we believe that every dog deserves the best nutrition possible, regardless if they work in the field or if they are a companion.

Our Whistler’s range has been developed by working closely with experts in Canine nutrition based right here in Ireland.

When we first set out, we sought a recipe that would fulfill the nutritional needs of adult dogs, that was gentle on digestion and could sustain varying workloads.

During this time we also developed our Whistler’s Puppy & Junior Diet developed for growing puppies and our Maintenance Formula, designed for dogs during rest periods or times of low activity.

It was important to us, to produce a Dog food that we’d be happy to feed to our own dogs. Whistler’s is Wheat & Wheat Gluten free (apart from our Maintenance Formula), has nutritional support for Healthy Skin and joints and contains NO artificial Colours or Flavours.

We believe we’ve achieved our aim with the superb Whistler’s range of Premium Dog Foods.


Being a younger dog I need a different mix to ensure good bone development and a keen mind. I really love the Puppy & Junior Diet. It gives me all the nutrition I need and more. Is it dinner time yet?
Maisie – Letterkenny

I need a mix suitable for my sports training. I put the hours in at the field and there’s nothing better than a bowl of Whistler Maintenance Formula to keep me in peak fitness.
Flash – Glasgow

OK, I’m a big active dog. I like the outdoors, running about and taking care of business. When I get in I like nothing more than Whistlers Chicken mix with Rice & Vegetables. It’s not only super tasty but it also gives me a real glossy coat not to mention the reduced visits to the vet!
Max – Party Animal

You’re asking about Whistlers? Sure there nothing better for a dog like me. I’d say that it’s, ‘SPOT ON!’ See what I did there, I’m a dalmation … spot on … no?
Spot – Strabane