Why Choose Whistlers?

Whistler’s we use only the finest ingredients in all our foods to ensure optimum health and nutrition. As a wheat- and wheat gluten-free formulation, Whistler’s Chicken with Rice & Vegetables is naturally hypo-allergenic and may help dogs that suffer from poor skin and coat condition, itching, scratching and hot spots.

Containing a single source of meat protein for gentle digestion, natural antioxidants for health and well-being and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Whistler’s Chicken with Rice & Vegetables is a product we’re hugely proud of!

Make Your Dog Thrive

Whistler’s origins lie in Donegal in the North West of Ireland, where we’re surrounded by majestic countryside and working breeds like Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels and Labradors are tested by tough terrain and unforgiving weather.

A premium product that can improve the health & happiness of our amazing companions, Whistler’s is a result of years of working, feeding and living with dogs and seeing the need for better nutrition and ingredients that dogs can tolerate and thrive on.


Being a younger dog I need a different mix to ensure good bone development and a keen mind. I really love the Puppy & Junior Diet. It gives me all the nutrition I need and more. Is it dinner time yet?

Maisie – Letterkenny

You’re asking about Whistlers? Sure there nothing better for a dog like me. I’d say that it’s, ‘SPOT ON!’ See what I did there, I’m a dalmation … and I said …. spot on … no?

Spot – Strabane


I need a mix suitable for my sports training. I put hours in on the field and there’s nothing better than a bowl of Whistler Maintenance Formula to keep me in peak fitness.

Flash – Glasgow

OK, I’m a big active dog. I like the outdoors, running about and taking care of business. When I get in I like nothing more than Whistlers Chicken mix with Rice & Vegetables. It’s not only super tasty but it also gives me a real glossy coat not to mention the reduced visits to the vet!

Max – Party Animal